This millennium will see unimaginable developments in the world of communications. Already the last decade has seen information technology dramatically change the way organisations communicate and transact business. While they have clearly benefited internally as product suppliers from these changes, the consumer expectations are soaring higher and higher. To meet these rising demands and standards, result oriented organisations today seek communication tools that are innovative, relevant and cost effective. Listening Post was born in 1999 as a response to the dramatic changes in Mass Communication that transformed the end of the last millennium. The global password today is ‘communication’ and Listening Post has it.


Why Listeningpost


Listening Post was born in response to the changing market environment. Today, the corporate and consumer world is a highly competitive place. What makes one design company stand ahead of others is its ability to develop a synergistic relationship with the client and present clear solutions to distinguish them from the clutter of communication strategies that assault us daily. In creating the right concepts we believe that accuracy, relevance and visual aesthetics are the keystones to successful design communication. Listening Post has proven ability and stamina to integrate design with marketing strategies to create effective communication packages and products. Our training, experience, track record and understanding of the unique needs of each end user has proved time and again that we are able to translate our learning into a seamless application process of excellent communication design


Having been the listening post to various organisations we have seen that the real challenge is to keep abreast with rapidly changing trend in the marketplace. And to create powerful and cost effective packages that impact on the consumer consciousness at first glance. As market trends change, the strategies evolve, keeping the brand identity intact and attractive. We believe that at the core of the most powerful design construct is the commitment to truth. The importance of using professional skills is, in the long run, both cost-effective and ensures quality. Listening Post therefore relies on a variety of professionals to present solutions that integrate the best of all competencies –focused always on the core problem.



We define it as the effective presentation of ideas and information by means of type and image, whether in the traditional medium of print, or in the new digital medium that includes interactive computer displays, multimedia communication technology and information systems. The answer simply is: to create a total brand experience. Whether it is a label, a poster, a CD-Rom or website . . . . . . . the possibilities are limitless . . . . . . good communication design must result in an immediately recognizable product whose identity is reinforced through various manifestations. The first step is a keen understanding of the problem. There is no standard formula for success as each product is unique and distinctive. And there can be no substitute for an in-depth understanding of consumer needs which drives every tailor-made application of imagery creation. Next comes the most important – the CREATIVE – process. A completely integrated, holistic process that draws on design tools and strategies to evolve the most appropriate, informative, visually appealing and convincing imagery. Finally, timely delivery, efficiency and reliability ensure that the promise meets the end product to the complete satisfaction of both, the creator and client.



Website Development

Interactive CD-Roms


The traditional print medium offers a vast range of design solutions for organisations to communicate both within – for better management and efficiency – and to external clients, whether in the marketplace, the home, or even in the minds of users/buyers

--- in short, the target audience.

• Collateral Design

• Capabilities Brochures

• Advertising

• Direct Mail

• Book design/covers, CD, DVD or Cassette covers

• Calendars

• Annual Reports

• Catalogues

• Photo Montage and Photo Illustration

• Branding and Retailing

• Corporate Identity

• Logos and Branding, Logotype, Stationery

• Collateral Design



In store Branding, Poster, Dangler, Banner, Sticker,

Product Dispenser


Product, Carton, Billboard, Kiosk,

Vehicle Livery


Listening Post is a self sustained production unit bringing together young and forward looking minds in the media space where we conceptualize, create, direct and produce content for various genres and communication requirement. It’s a talent pool who assimilates their various sensibilities with over the 100 years of collective experience to generate meaningful and relevant pieces of work,







Arfin Zukof

Arfin Zukof

Founder / Director

A psychology graduate, Zukof kick-started his career in 1995 with a trailblazing mental health campaign for the UK based NGO, Sarthaak, to create mass awareness to dispel stigmas about mental illness in India. From 1996 he focused on advertising and marketing promotion for a broad canvas of clients. As head of Sarthaak’s marketing cell in India, he launched promotional campaigns for Hindustan Lever, Hero Honda, Total, Perfetti, IndianOil, Bausch &Lomb, ET&T, GE Capital and Welcomgroup Maurya Sheraton. Later, he supervised corporate marketing and communication for the Indigo Group companies, including Ratnagiri Ceramics, Le Meridien Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and the Classic Golf Resort in Delhi. His background in psychology enabled him to organise workshops on personal development and communication skills for organisations such as ASSOCHAM.

In 1999 he established Listening Post Advertising and Promotion Services to spearhead corporate identity programmes for a select portfolio of prestigious clients in India and abroad. To every project, Zukof brings his passion for creativity and a wealth of experience drawn from his professional expertise and wide ranging personal interests -- from psychology, theatre and film production to photography.

Ghazia Jalal

Ghazia Jalal

Art Director

A professional cel Animator, Art Director, Designer, Illustrator and Motion Graphic Artist with over 14 years of extensive industry experience in a fast-paced, high energy, multi-platform studio environment with an in-depth knowledge of 2D & 3D production for Broadcast design for Television, Film, Digital / Mobile Advertising, Online and Print. 

With a dual degree in Fine Arts and trained in Animation Film Making and Design. Ghazia has a flair for animation and combining techniques and am extremely versatile in adapting to diverse projects and styles, both traditional and digital.
In the past she has worked as a Key Animator for European children’s television series called Celestine, a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award-winning series called "Pablo, the Little Red Fox" as well as the animation series "Vampires, Pirates and Aliens" broadcasted by Disney Channel, La Cinquième, BBC, Nickelodeon UK, DR, YLE, NRK, RTE, SVT, ZDF, France 3, ITV & Gulli.
In 2004, She had the opportunity of working with Eyeball NYC, one of the leading design companies in the country on VH1’s First Annual ‘HIP-HOP HONORS’ show ever to be held. And in doing so Ghazia was introduced to the world of Motion Graphics. Ever since she has worked on several award winning projects employing a diverse range of skills such as the on-air graphics and network promotions makeover for ANIMAL PLANET'S 'ANTHEM', DISCOVERY'S One-of-a-kind geo-engineering special series called ‘PROJECT EARTH’, BELLA SARA, An award winning trading-card game for young girls, CARTOON NETWORK'S ‘PAPERCARFT’ and my favorite TARGET'S ‘ART FOR ALL’ campaign - A video installation series displayed on giant LED screens outside the Staples Center, in downtown Los Angeles.

After Eyeball, She freelanced at various production companies in New York, before entering the digital mobile space. She dedicated a few years of her career to the emerging mobile advertising market which had/has a huge potential for direct consumer engagement and responses. 
Currently, Ghazia is enjoying her stint with Listening Post mostly working on films and design.

Ragini Rawat

Ragini Rawat

Creative Designer

A passionate artist, Diploma in Commercial Arts and Animation under

my belt, I started off my career as a Freelance Designer for Zippo India,

where I designed graphics for there lighters.

Moving further with my passion, to experience the art of fashion started

working for Punk Clothing chain as Graphic Designer. My work there

was not limited to Fashion Designing, from creating the collections’

brand logo to conceptualising and developing there Company Mascot

were the significant highlights.

Fueled by my interest in art, to explore further depths of my field, I

changed my track from Fashion to Advertising and joined Listening Post

as Graphic Designer. Here learning and exploring the strong media art I

am going head strong into the commercial art profession.

Supported with my self-belief and confidence i know that i will put my

best in every endeavour.

Vasudha Sharma

Vasudha Sharma

Graphic Designer

Usman Ansari

Usman Ansari

Graphic Designer

Atul Bakhshi

Atul Bakhshi

Graphic Designer

Sanjay Sundaram

Sanjay Sundaram

Tax, Accounts & Admin Manager